Permanent Magnet Motor Let Me Enhance The Naval Power

Quietness is the most critical indicator of a submarine, which is undoubtedly a huge improvement if the permanent magnet motor really reduces the submarine noise. But this can really be achieved? This will start with the permanent magnet motor itself.

People who have studied middle school physics know that the motor can work because the relative roles of two magnetic fields include the stator and the rotor. That is, the stator must have a magnetic field and the rotor must have a magnetic field opposite to the stator. How to generate the magnetic field of the rotor? We know that electricity can be generated by electricity. Therefore, a traditional motor is a large number of wires wound around a rotor. The term coil winding generates a magnetic field through a coil. Because of this principle, this conventional motor is also called an excitation motor. The permanent magnet motor with a large permanent magnet instead of the coil winding, the rotor’s magnetic field is not generated by the motor, so called permanent magnet motor.

For permanent magnet motors,the rotor coil and brush are gone,which means that the structure is more simple,the size can be significantly reduced.

In addition there is no coil winding, running current through the coil winding current bump will be greatly reduced, which is the reason for the permanent magnet motor to reduce noise.

There are other important advantages compared to permanent magnet machines and field machines. It will be more efficient at low output because it does not require the consumption of current excitation, so its overall efficiency will be higher.

R & D and use of permanent magnet motor difficult in what place? Permanent magnet motor has long been, but the permanent magnet motor small size good to do, big size bad to do, because the need for large enough and strong enough permanent magnet field, in order to make a large enough output power of the motor.

In addition, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet weakens with time, especially in extreme cases, such as high temperature, low temperature, the permanent magnet will have a permanent weakening of the magnetic field. The submarine if the main motor with permanent magnet motor, it should have a considerable level of technology.

What kind of permanent magnet motor can bring to the submarine upgrade? The so-called submarine quieter this argument, more of the media and netizens misunderstanding. If you check the Internet will find a permanent magnet motor low noise is indeed a fact, because there is no current sound, but this sound for the submarine noise reduction is almost negligible, for the submarine, the noise comes mainly from Shock in the mechanical part of the submarine。

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