Oman Medco To Bring Millions Of Dollars In Order To Buy Drilling Equipment

Recently, the Sixth China Petroleum & Chemical equipment procurement international meeting and Exhibition (CSSOPE 2016) as the downturn in the petroleum equipment industry brings good news: confirmed Oman Medco LLC procurement contract supervisor tabish Akhlaq will serve as guest speakers in CSSOPE 2016, concurrent to order, purchase tubing / casing / lines / downhole tool TOPCO 2016.4.27DHP and all with drilling related equipment and products, purchase amount: $10 million.

It is reported that in addition to Oman Medco, the assembly also invited to BP, shell, may, ConocoPhillips, husky, fluor, CCC in Lebanon, KBr, BV, Ge Ke Luo, Australian Worley Parsons, petrofac, Spanish TR, Oman Galfar, Technip, Oriental International EPC giant will be during the May 25-26 CSSOPE in Beijing released oil and gas equipment purchase plan, the selection of excellent suppliers and service providers.Topco will be reserved seats are limited to outstanding suppliers involved in contact.

Depth exchange of CSSOPE 2016 will set the “special” in the Middle East Conference on Middle East project progress, how to pass and Chinese contractors and suppliers to improve purchasing efficiency, equipment manufacturers in the UAE market opportunities and challenges, Middle East Petroleum and chemical equipment procurement and bidding plans hot topic with Chinese equipment suppliers.

While oil prices are still hovering low, sustained downturn in the industry situation, however, in the key period of market adjustment, there are still many owners of the hand-held orders, and the strength of the international engineering company cooperation, and optimize the procurement and supply chain management, select new, more competitive suppliers and more cost-effective products, you didn’t order does not mean that the others do not, you do not have the project does not mean that others not at work is the so-called several joy of several unhappy, only seize the opportunity, to turn the corner, challenges into opportunities.

As China’s only oil and gas industry and chemical industry buyers and suppliers of international exchange platform, the difference in large-scale exhibition and industry retreat meeting, the General Assembly would be directed to invite project the most active national and regional international purchase, the three giant and prolong oil field and service or EPC company participants, boost China’s mainstream suppliers at the meeting to find purchase and order, contrarian breakthrough. At the same time, purchase industry will focus nowadays the most topic of concern, industry problems offer advice and suggestions to become the keynote. Low oil prices, Chinese oil and gas equipment enterprises to enter the international market opportunity. The original purchase of equipment for the oil and gas companies began to take the initiative to Understand and contact with Chinese equipment manufacturers. Now the domestic manufacturers have to practice a good basic skills, strict control to improve the quality of standards, corporate image and marketing publicity to do enough homework.

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