NASA Congratulates China On Receiving Photos Of Mars Sent Back By The Zhu Rong Spacecraft

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) released images of China’s first Mars exploration mission Tien Wen 1 (Tien Wen 1) after the spacecraft separated and landed.According to US media, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson issued a statement on the 19th local time, expressing “congratulations” to the Chinese space agency for receiving the first photo from the Zhurong spacecraft.’At a time when the international scientific community is increasing its exploration of Mars, the United States and the world expect that the discoveries of Zhurong will lead to more human understanding of Mars,’ the statement added.

NASA retweeted a message from Thomas Zubuchin, deputy administrator of its Science Mission Directorate, on its official Twitter account at 9am Beijing time on May 15.”China’s first Mars probe ‘Zhu Rong’ has landed on Mars. Congratulations to the China National Space Administration ‘Tianwen 1’ team!Together with the global scientific community, I look forward to China’s mission to Mars making an important contribution to mankind’s understanding of the Red Planet.

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