‘Low Avatar’ Participated In Zhuhai Air Show

It is understood that with the continuous development of the development technology of UAVs and the continuous improvement of the performance of various types of UAVs, the modern UAVs that combine high technology have been reborn, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the difficulty of anti-UAV operations. Experts pointed out that there are four main difficulties in the field of anti-UAV: “invisible”, “indistinct”, “can’t stop” and “can’t afford”.

“‘Low-Avatar System’ is a type of “low-low-small” cooperative detection and disposal integrated defense system, which can be applied to military bases, field positions, command posts, weapons and equipment warehouses and other important military facilities as well as the security of the site; Accompanying protection of weapons and personnel transportation; security prevention and control in border areas; monitoring of low-altitude targets in civil aviation and general aviation airport areas; protection of important dams, nuclear power plants, important national border ports, coastlines, etc.; Defence work in important parts and key areas; security work in areas with dense personnel and major social activities in which the public participates.” Xie Ping, deputy director of the 12th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., said.

According to reports, “Low Avatar System” is a comprehensive prevention and control system that integrates multiple detection modes and composite interception methods. It covers a wide range of models and has comprehensive disposal methods. It can perform RF interference, flexible mesh capture, and GPS according to operational needs. It can be disposed of in a variety of ways, such as lure, and can achieve full-time, all-weather, unattended, remote control.

It is worth mentioning that the system has played a prominent role in many military exercises in recent years. The research institute China Aerospace 12th Institute as a supporting unit, the Chinese Academy of Engineering reported the relevant academician recommendations on dealing with the “low and small” aircraft threatening national security.

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