Long March Rocket 300 Launches

At 10:41 pm on April 20, the Long March 3B carrier rocket carried the forty-four Beidou navigation satellites and successfully launched the 100th launch of the Changjia series rockets. Previously, the Long March series carrier rockets were completed. The 300th launch.

From Dongfanghong No.1, meteorological satellites, to manned spaceflight, Beidou network, and the moon, the Long March series of launch vehicles carried the dream of human beings to explore space, flying to the sky again and again. The first flight in 1970, the struggle of the past 50 years, the Long March people worked tirelessly, and they did not hesitate to write about China’s space strength with one achievement. Our reporter walked into the First Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, using words and lenses to record the dreams of these aerospace people and touch the powerful pulse of China.

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