Laser Gyroscope – “pearl” On The Inertial Navigation System

Laser gyro, also called ring laser, in conjunction with accelerometer, it can sense the position of spatial objects at any time. It known as the inertial navigation system on the crown of “pearl”. At present, China has become the world’s fourth whom has the capability of independent development of laser gyro, the application range of products covers armed day and other fields. Laser gyro is small, but it integrates light, machine, electricity and other advanced technology, it is a national science and technology strength and the integrated embodiment of its military strength.

Laser gyro is mainly based on the Sagnac effect production. With light weight, small size, high precision, good reliability, large dynamic range, short response time, impact resistance and vibration, long working life and storage time, can be directly connected to the computer to realize automatic control, etc. Especially its extremely high precision values, drift angular rate per hour within 0.0001 ° to 1 °.

With the development of technology, the performance of laser gyro is getting better and better, and more widely applied. The laser gyro technology will be mainly to a higher accuracy and reliability, smaller volume and cheaper prices.

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