Yuneec international’s six-axis uav integrated RTK satellite navigation system

Yuneec international has announced that its commercial six-axis H520 drone will be an optional platform for the Swiss company Fixposition RTK(real-time motion) system. Even in situations where GPS is not available, such as cities or canyons, the RTK system ensures maximum accuracy and centimeter-level accuracy. When fully integrated with RTK satellite navigation, the uav platform enables extremely accurate repeat images, faster 3D drawings, and easier and more accurate automated flight inspection. The H520 uav integrated with RTK is suitable for commercial applications where maximum accuracy is required. Using RTK technology, the drone can be accurately located within the centimetre range (1cm + PPM horizontal / 1.5cm + PPM vertical) rather than within the metre range (which is the standard range for H520), so the H520 can now fly closer to objects for inspection. This accuracy is critical for applications that require multiple images taken at the same location on different dates, including recording the progress of the construction site, inspecting the mountain landscape to prevent natural disasters such as rock falls or avalanches, and reconstruction of forensic accident sites. In addition, the satellite navigation system can significantly reduce image overlap, require fewer photos and shorter model computing time, and maximize workflow efficiency.


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