JuLang 3 Test Shot Stunning Global

At the beginning of this month, there were “illuminated UFOs” in various areas such as Henan, Shandong, and Hebei. The bright objects in the night sky suddenly appeared like a comet, and then the long tail was dragged by. This netizen has started a heated discussion. Some said that this is probably the so-called UFO, and some said it may be a secret experiment of ours. Just when the outside world made speculations about the weird sky, the official website of the Navy also ridiculed the “UFO sky” that was suspected of being a missile test. The outside world quickly called “completely understand.” In the interview, the military spokesperson responded to questions about whether to conduct the “Julang-3” test, saying that it is normal to conduct tests according to the plan.

According to the answer of our military spokesperson, it can be confirmed that the strange phenomenon of the suspected “UFO” is the test of the “Julang-3” missile. Some netizens explained that the answer to the military spokesperson’s “experienced experiments according to the plan is normal” is actually a secret answer that our military officially made on the news, which also shows that the official indirectly confirmed the “giant” Wave-3″ test shot.

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