J-20 Open Magazine Full Image Exposure

It is reported that after the official disclosure of the built-in magazine floor test platform of the J-20 fighter, many people noticed the built-in magazine of the J-20 fighter. The warehouse is divided into a main magazine and a side magazine. The larger volume is obviously the main magazine, and the side magazine is on the side of the DSI inlet. If you only look at the main magazine, it is not much different from the F-22 in the United States. This is what many military fans know before, but this time CCTV exposed the machine to open a full picture, but the netizens found a big secret. This makes the US F-22 both envious and straightforward: your side magazine design is really domineering.

Through this media sand meal, we can see that the J-20 side magazine has adopted a semi-external design, and this design is now truly unbeatable.

According to the disclosure, the advantage of using the semi-external design of the side-loading bin can reduce the stealth and aerodynamic performance of the fighter, and the overall exposed missile protrudes the fuselage, making the missile seeker search target easier. In this way, the difference between the two aircraft in launching the missile is also obvious.

When the F-22 door is opened up and down, the missile will be launched. When the Chinese J-20 is launched, the side magazine can be opened upwards, and the rear door is closed again. Only the missile and the pylon are exposed. When hitting the target, the F-22 side magazine must be kept open, and the Chinese J-20 can choose to close the door.

In contrast, the design advantage of the J-20 side magazine semi-external is actually very obvious. When the J-20 was first exposed, many Western media sneered at the machine, but now with the little exposure of the -20 fighter technology, foreign media have to rely on this most advanced Chinese fighter. I began to look at it.

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