Intelligent Robot,a New Method Of Anti-interference About Pressure Sensor.

The pressure sensors is widely used in our industry.The use and purchase of pressure sensors in daily life requires some knowledge of it.Especially when using,it can easily lead to machine failure or failure to understand the precautions.Damage to the sensor phenomenon,or result in decreased accuracy or even incorrect data.So,we must understand the pressure sensor, then,the anti-jamming measures of the pressure sensor what? Then,let’s look at the sensor of engineers from Ericco international Ltd,how to solve the pressure sensor anti-jamming measures.

Pressure sensor anti-jamming measures:

1.First, the pressure sensor package

Sensor packages, and especially those that tend to be overlooked, however, will gradually reveal weaknesses in the future. By purchasing the transmitter must take into account the future of the sensor’s working environment, humidity, how to install the sensor will be a strong shock or vibration.

2.Second, there is a need for interchangeable sensors

Identify the sensors needed to be able to accommodate multiple usage systems. In general, this is very important. Especially OEM products. Once the product is given to the customer, then the cost for the customer to calibrate is considerable. If the product is well interchangeable, even changing the sensor will not affect the overall system performance.

3.Third, we must maintain stability

Most sensors will produce a “drift” that has worked overtime, so it is necessary to understand the stability of the sensor before buying. The existing work to reduce the potential for problems that may occur during use.

4.Fourth, select the output signal

The pressure sensor requires the type of output signal to be used: the output frequency of the millivolts, V, mA, and digital outputs, depending on many factors, including the distance between the sensor and the system controller or the presence or absence of “noise” or other electrical interference signal. Need amplifier, amplifier position. The number of sensors and controllers between the OEM and mA output sensors is the most economical and effective solution for a shorter distance if the desired output signal is amplified and it is preferable to use a sensor with a built-in amplification.Or a strong long-distance transmission of electronic jamming signals, the best mA level or frequency output.

RFI and EMI high environmental indicators, in addition to know the need to choose mA or frequency output, but also to take into account the special protection or filter. (Due to different acquisition requirements, there are many kinds of output signals of pressure sensors on the market, some 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, etc., but the more common 4-20mA and 0-10V two kinds, the above I listed these output signals, only 2-20mA two line output, we are talking about about a few lines do not include grounding or shielded cable, three-wire system).

5.Fifth, choose the excitation voltage

The type of output signal determines what kind of excitation voltage to select. Many large sensors built-in voltage regulator, the power supply voltage range. Some of the configurations obtain quantitative configurations that require a stable operating voltage and therefore fail to get the operating voltage that determines whether to use the sensor, a voltage regulator, operating voltage and system cost, taking into account the selected conveyor.

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