Home-made ARJ21 Aircraft Has Made Its Debut At The Three Gorges Airport

On the same day, the Three Gorges Airport welcomed the first domestic passenger plane since its opening to traffic, and became the first regional airport in Hubei Province to introduce ARJ21.

ARJ21 is a new type of short-range turbofan regional aircraft developed by China for the first time in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights. The characteristics of the aircraft type are mainly used to meet the use requirements of radial routes from central cities to surrounding small and medium-sized cities, and can meet various flying environments.The plane will have the most spacious cabins in any regional jet, making it a more comfortable ride for passengers.

At present, seven airlines in China are operating the ARJ21 commercially. They are Chengdu Airlines, Tianjiao Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Airlines and 1223 Airlines.

Chengdu Airlines, which flew the “Chongqing-Yichang – Weihai” route with home-made ARJ21 aircraft this time, is also the first new airline company stationed in the Three Gorges Airport, which is also the first opening point of the Three Gorges Airport.“Yichang has good market prospects, and we have absolute confidence in the capacity and operation quality of the Three Gorges Airport.”Zhang Ying said.

It is reported that since March 28, the Three Gorges Airport has fully implemented the summer and autumn flight plan, with 70 flights taking off and landing on the first day of the season change, transporting 7,676 passengers. The passenger flow has recovered to the same level in 2019.


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