High-performance MEMS Sensors For Intelligent Vehicles

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology is realized by using advanced microfabrication technology to deploy mechanical devices, sensors and electronic components on a single silicon substrate. Today, these technologies have gradually replaced most of the sensing devices used in the automotive market for a wide variety of models, and have given the system considerable design advantages in terms of cost reduction, continuous reliability (due to inherent robustness), space utilization (due to its compact size), and performance.


Generally speaking, MEMS sensors used in cars can be divided into four categories:
1.Accelerometers and gyroscopes.
2.Sensors used to measure flow and pressure.
3.Sensors for on-board applications include infrared sensors to improve and monitor road vision, sensors for in-car temperature and air quality measurements, and microscanners for head-up displays.
4.Radio frequency sensors for automotive radar.

In automobile system, many key parameters affecting automobile operation can be obtained through MEMS sensors, and a wide range of control solutions can be created. MEMS sensors can be used in airbag, ABS and ESP control systems, electronic suspension systems and numerous driving assistance functions.


Especially for automotive applications, it should be noted that the complexity of contemporary cars has been greatly improved, including the integration of more and more safety equipment, reduce fuel consumption and control of harmful gas emissions, improve driving comfort and other complex functions.

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