Double The Life Of Key Components Of The Helicopter

According to media reports, a new technology successfully completed by Changfei in China will help the performance and reliability of domestic helicopters to be significantly improved! Chinese companies have successfully achieved the scientific research goal of more than double the life of the helicopter hub key components than the current design requirements, which marks Changfei’s breakthrough in the anti-fatigue manufacturing technology of helicopter rotor systems, in the past many years. In this case, China has serious technical gaps in this field, which limits the performance of domestic helicopters. Secondly, it affects the reliability of helicopters, and may even cause losses and even accidents caused by high degree of rotor fatigue.

According to the data, the structure of the new helicopter uses a lot of fiber materials, and the rotor system has become the most demanding part of the main components of the helicopter. Due to the long-time high-frequency maneuvering, the rotor system is easily due to structural fatigue. Causes a dark injury, which is dangerous and devastating if not properly cared for.

According to reports, the latest rotor structure developed in China uses the new titanium alloy material of the hub arm material, and uses a variety of new technologies for processing under the technical support of foreign countries, thus breaking through the technical problems in related fields. The industrialization of domestic helicopters has great strategic significance.

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