China’s Relay Satellite Operation And Control System Has Completed Multi-objective Space-based Measurement And Control Mission For The First Time

On the 26th day of the 26th, China successfully launched 07 sets of satellites, known as Remote Sensing 30, by means of “three stars with one arrow”.The Simultaneous real-time tracking and telemetry of the early operation segments of three satellites by the Beijing Space Information Transmission Center (BSPT) with The Tian-1 02 satellite indicates that China’s relay satellite system is capable of providing measurement, control and data transmission support for more targets at the same time.


In the early stage of the mission, the staff of the software subsystem of Beijing Space Information Transmission Center carried out one-week software renovation, configuration modification, software testing and task testing, etc., so that the subsystem could be equipped with multi-objective task status quickly.In the later stage of the joint exercise, there were no software problems. Finally, the three satellite measurement and control missions in the early stage were successfully guaranteed, providing reliable information transmission for the spacecraft.According to the telemetry data monitoring and judgment of the 02 satellite returning to Tianlian-1, the three satellite panels in group 07 are normally deployed, which marks the successful launch of this mission and the increasingly significant role of the relay satellite system.


“Today’s space-based TTC and data relay missions are becoming more and more flexible and complex, and relay satellite operations and control systems are constantly seeking breakthroughs and innovations to keep up with mission requirements.”Yin Bin, software subsystem engineer of the center, said, “In the future, we will continuously optimize and improve the existing system capabilities according to the mission requirements, and provide the most reliable space-based measurement and control support for each mission.”


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