China’s 100-ton Heavy Carrier Rocket Is On Its Way

Another piece of good news in China’s space sector.In late February, China Central Television (CCTV) reported that China’s 100-ton heavy carrier rocket was on its way. Luan Enjie, the first commander of China’s lunar exploration program, revealed the news. Luan Enjie, the first commander of China’s lunar exploration program, said that the demonstration of China’s 100-ton heavy carrier rocket has been basically completed at the present stage and is expected to start during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Generally speaking, a heavy-lift rocket is a vehicle capable of reaching low, medium and high Earth orbits and carrying different satellites and manned spacecraft.It also stipulates that the heavy-lift rocket will have a takeoff thrust of at least 3,500 tons and a low-earth orbit carrying capacity of 100 tons.The geosynchronous orbit can carry 18 tons;It has an orbital carrying capacity of 32 tons to the moon.

China’s largest carrier rocket to date is the Long March-5, which has a payload capacity of 25 tons in low Earth orbit. Among the world’s existing carrier rockets, the Long March-5 ranks third in low Earth orbit, with both the first and second being held by the United States.But even with a capacity of 25 tons, the Long March 5 would still not be considered a heavy-lift rocket, as it is not currently capable of carrying Chinese astronauts to the moon.


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