China Will Launch The Long March 11 On The Offshore Platform For The First Time

Just after the official announcement of the information released on the Yangtze River 11 in the past few days, the news of the Long March 11 launch was highly anticipated, and, from now on, it is less than a week away from the launch date. On June 5, the Long March 11 will use a civilian freighter as a platform for launching at sea in the Yellow Sea, and if China launches successfully, it will become the second launching platform in the world after Russia. A success is of great significance and is a major step in China’s space industry.

There is also a certain level of security for sea launches. The sea seems to be a much larger area than the land where people live. Because on land, in the event of an accident, the rocket must be destroyed to avoid harm to the people around it. There is no need to consider such factors when launching at sea. China’s maritime launch is not only of great significance to the international community, but also of great significance to the development of its aviation industry.

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