China's Space Launches Will Exceed 40 By 2020

On December 27, the Long March V launch vehicle successfully launched the practice 20 satellite into its orbit at the Wenchang space launch site in China. The Long March 5 carrier rocket was developed by the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It is China's first large thrust carrier rocket with a core diameter of 5 meters and its carrying capacity ranks among the highest in the world. The reporter learned from the launch site that with the successful implementation of the third launch of the Long March 5, a series of major space missions in China will be launched in 2020. It is expected that the number of space launches will exceed 40, which is even more worth looking forward to.

At present, China is developing the first Mars exploration project. According to the plan, in 2020, China will launch a Mars probe through the Long March V, and realize Mars orbit, landing and patrol detection in one launch.

Mars is one of the planets in the solar system. The "Mars Sunburst" occurs about every 26 months. At this time, the distance between Mars and the Earth will reach an extremely close value. During this time, the probe can be sent at a small cost. To Mars, therefore, human exploration of Mars usually climaxes every 26 months. In 2020, there will be a chance of "sun on Mars".

After the probe's launch, it took about 7 months to reach Mars.

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