China’s Manned Landing On The Moon Ushered In A New Breakthrough

Recently, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. “One-way manned rocket overall technology and engineering application of 5 meters diameter module” project successfully passed the acceptance review organized by China Manned Space Engineering Office. The review experts agreed that the results of the pre-study project could be used in the development of a new generation of manned launch vehicle engineering in China. Focus: Manned!

As an important means to support the construction of a space powerhouse, the project outlines the overall prototype of a new generation of manned rockets: the length of the arrow is about 87 meters, the take-off weight is about 2,200 tons, the take-off thrust is close to 2,700 tons, and the LTO (moon-moon orbit) carrying capacity is not lower than 25 tons. Previously, China’s launch vehicle had a maximum LTO carrying capacity of about 8 tons. In the follow-up, the specific development plan of the rocket will be continuously updated, improved and refined under the arrangement of the overall project and the Aerospace Science and Technology Group. This technological breakthrough and innovation is not easy, but fortunately the results are very gratifying. So what is the significance of the new breakthrough?

China began a pre-research on a new generation of manned rockets in 2017 and is now taking a critical step. The rocket will adopt nearly 10 high-tech technologies such as the new escape system design technology, which will improve the safety of astronauts and greatly improve the efficiency of rocket transportation. Among them, the large-diameter large temperature difference low-temperature common bottom tank design and manufacturing technology, the design and manufacture of the transmission structure of the 100-ton thrust tank bottom and the electric thrust pressure vector control of the large thrust rocket engine are the first in the world. A number of innovative advances can be achieved, which are inseparable from China’s long-term planning and scientific research on manned landings. Just last year, the manned moon landing was just an ideal in the hearts of everyone.

Last year, some experts said that China’s manned mission to the moon will be completed within ten years, and the problem that plagues China’s largest launch vehicle capability is expected to be overcome by the new manned rocket within five years. The new manned launch vehicle LEO has a carrying capacity of 70 tons and a monthly carrying capacity of 27.5 tons. It is enough to send a 20-ton deep-space spacecraft and a 20-ton type lunar module into the earth-moon transfer orbit, and complete the manned landing on the moon orbit. However, there was a doubt at the time, saying, “This is a big moon cake.” I didn’t expect it to be five years, but only two years! Limiting our technical core is solved. It seems that this big moon cake is drawn, and China’s space will eat it.

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