China’s Large Passenger Aircraft C919 Fifth Test Flight Completed The First Flight

China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (China Commercial Aircraft Corporation), which is responsible for the development of China’s large passenger aircraft and coordinating the development of trunk lines and regional aircraft, announced on the 24th that the C919 large passenger aircraft’s fifth test aircraft 105 aircraft was taken from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 10 am on the same day. After taking off, after 1 hour and 37 minutes of air flight, after completing several test points, performing initial control checks on the various systems of the aircraft, returning and landing smoothly, the first test flight was successfully completed.

The C919 large passenger aircraft 105 mainly undertakes special meteorological conditions such as high temperature and high cold, as well as test flights for related subjects such as environmental control, power supply and whole machine drainage.

Up to now, China Commercial Aircraft has invested in five C919 aircraft, and 101, 102, 103, and 104 aircraft have been tested in Xi’an Yanliang, Shandong Dongying, and Jiangxi Nanchang. In addition, static tests and other ground verification tests are steadily advancing.

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