China’s Big Plane Is Welcoming

After the Chinese C919 narrow-body trunk airliner project was quiet for a long time, the long-lost news came from Shanghai Pudong Airport: the fourth prototype of the C919 finally appeared in the near future for 1 hour and 25 minutes. Test flight.

And the good play is still behind: According to the public statement of COMAC, the prototype of the No. 104 C919 aircraft is only the beginning of this year’s “high-frequency test flight”: within this year, prototypes 105 and 106 will be put into test flight, and the next two It is also very likely that the aircraft will be put into the initial commercial trial operation.

If this statement is finally realized, then the C919 narrow-body trunk airliner is indeed expected to be put into commercial use in 2021: If all goes well, it can be said that the Chinese C919 is only one step away from the first Boeing 737MAX.

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