China Long March Rocket Engine Controllable Landing

From the development of aerospace technology, it is becoming more and more inappropriate for the use of the used rocket wreckage to fall freely. Therefore, the space science and technology workers will start tackling the problem and can not give the rocket body that is splashed and splashed. The upper control system accurately landed in the designated area, thus completely avoiding casualties. Moreover, the engine can be repeatedly used after being overhauled. This is a good thing for both. Why not?

When the Chinese Long March-2C rocket was launched recently, careful friends found that the rocket was installed with four grille wings in the center. This is the second time for the Chinese rocket. The first installation of the grille wing is used on the Shenzhou spacecraft escape bin. The biggest advantage of this design is that the steering power is relatively small and the steering efficiency is better.

This launch was also the first attempt by China Aerospace to repeat the recovery of the rocket. The result was a complete success. The first test, only the development of control performance, from the current published landing situation, the rocket body The attitude is stable, and the 90 degree attitude is vertically lowered. At a height of several tens of meters from the ground, a small anti-pushing rocket is started, which slows down the rocket and finally achieves a precise determination.

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