China Completes First Wireless Test Of Mars Exploration Mission

The first wireless joint test of China ’s Mars exploration mission was successfully completed at the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center on the 10th, fully verifying the interface compatibility and consistency of the probe with the ground system, and comprehensively testing various schemes, technical conditions, software and hardware systems , Laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the task.

It is understood that every 26 months, Earth and Mars will move to the nearest location. At this time, launching the probe will save a lot of fuel. 2020 is the window period for Mars exploration activities. According to the plan, China will carry out the first Mars exploration mission this year. This wireless joint test is the only ground joint exercise that the mission center and the spacecraft are doing.

The Mars mission team of the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center actively overcomes the adverse effects of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the joint test mission, strengthens scientific coordination, rationally allocates power, uses real flight control systems and real spacecraft, and all major key processes are in accordance with : 1 The whole process of rehearsal, successfully completed all the established projects according to the project time node, and achieved the expected results of the joint test.

“Our mission is mainly to control the Mars probe after its flight and landing. It is the guide and guardian of the probe’s journey to Mars.” Cui Xiaofeng, the team leader, said that after the Mars probe was launched, it flew to Mars. The time is nearly seven months, the state of technology has changed greatly, the space environment for deep-space exploration is complex, and flight control missions face extremely high challenges and huge risks.

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