China Beidou Navigation System Will Form A Global Service Capabilities To 2020

Beidou satellitenavigation system developed by Chinese, preliminary already have foundation to expand worldwide, the system will be formed for the “The Belt and Road along the country’s ability to service in 2018, the formation of global service capabilities in 2020.

In June 12th of this year, the twenty-third Beidou navigation satellites successfully launched into orbit. Since 2007 the first Beidou navigation satellite launched successfully, high density satellite launch more than 9 years, the Chinese satellite navigation system for widespread and global service is ready.

The Beidou system is becoming the country’s foreign name card, go overseas. According to the global network plan, the Beidou system will be formed for “The Belt and Road” along the country’s service capacity in 2018, and Russia also signed the agreement, at the same time in Mongolia and Russia economic corridor, the policy planning documents, will form a global service capability in 2020.

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