China Air Force Added New Members, The New Five-generation Fighters Took Office

China will thoroughly improve the short board of the Jian10 fighter. After all, the stealth fighter technology of the Jian20 service has gradually matured, so it is not difficult to achieve complete stealth in Jian10D, and the Jian10D fighter is adopted for the first time. The most advanced intelligent skinning technology and new absorbing materials, this has strengthened the stealth capability of the fighters, so to a certain extent, Jian10D is also in the scope of the five generations of fighters.

The outside world believes that if China’s Jian10D can really serve troops in batches, it will be able to be used as a foreign trade export model in the future, which will occupy more arms market. After all, countries in the world that can independently develop five-generation fighters are very Less, and the price of the five-generation fighter is also very expensive, and China’s Jian 10D fighter is upgraded on the basis of the Jian10 fighter, the price will not be too high, so it still has a super high cost performance, if it is regarded as a If foreign trade fighters come to export, they will surely get a large and generous order.

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