China Aerospace Is Sprinting The World NO.1

On the large stage of the new generation of launch vehicles, a number of landmark projects of China’s aerospace have been launched: around 2020, China will launch the No. 5 and retrieve the first samples of the moon; around 2022, China will build a large-scale orbital space station. Before and after 2030, heavy rockets will achieve their first flight.

Around 2022, we will build a large-scale orbiting space station in China. The International Space Station, which was previously built by the United States, will face retiring by 2024 due to design life and so on. As previously reported by the Voice of Germany, the International Space Station will be discontinued by 2028 at the latest, and China’s space station may become capable. Provide the only place to study in a space environment.

From this, it is now foreseeable that when our China space station is completed, the probability of our China space station will have to be upgraded to the International Space Station.

Today, China Aerospace is catching up and surpassing its own capabilities and strengths. It is constantly on the top of the world. When China builds a large-scale orbital space station around 2022, our China Space Station will become the world’s first large-scale in-orbit. space station.

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