Britain Wants To Build Its Own Satellite Navigation System

Britain has already burned the “Fire of Brexit” into space! According to the announcement of the official website of the British government on December 1, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that after Brexit, the UK will not use Galileo satellite navigation in cooperation with many European countries in its national defense and key national infrastructure. System (Galileo satellite navigation system). Instead, the UK will explore the establishment of its own satellite navigation system.

Satellite Navigation

As for the next route, there are different options in the UK. Apart from exploring the establishment of a global satellite navigation system as claimed, it is not excluded that the United Kingdom will refer to Japan’s quasi-zenith satellite system ( QZSS) Create a unique regional GPS augmentation system. In short, after moving away from the European continent, the United Kingdom must move closer to the United States with mature GPS in solving navigation problems.

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