Black Flying Natural Enemies, Anti-man-machine System Layout Intelligent Three-dimensional Security

With the rise of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles in the threat to aviation safety, into the aerial sensitive areas, terrorist activities, disturb the activities of security, peeping privacy and other aspects, the security risks and accidents are common.

In view of the current market, the consumption of unmanned aerial vehicles cheap, easy to use and easy to modify, black fly phenomenon despite repeated prohibitions, and for such “low, slow, small” consumer class unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV still exist in the regulation Blind spot, conventional radar detection there are some difficulties. Anti-man-machine system through the integration of sound, light, electricity a variety of detection technology, combined with large data processing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to form a combination of low-altitude defense system, can be achieved within a radius of 3000 meters Man-machine all-weather three-dimensional detection, identification, interference distance of 800 ~ 1200 meters, can be active detection and timely prevention and control, so as to make up for the current domestic market vacancies.

At present,anti-UAV technology is mainly sound wave interference, signal interference, hacker technology, laser gun, “anti-UAV” UAV, to take radio control. It is understood that anti-man-machine system, including detection and identification classification system, photoelectric tracking and classification system, interference counter classification system, tracking and tracing classification system. Truly detect, track, identify, control the four-in-one anti-man-machine solutions, with low cost, flexible deployment, the use of a comprehensive scene, can be strong landing characteristics. Anti-UAV by interfering with UAV data lines and positioning system to cut off the UAV and remote control communication and navigation between, so as to force the UAV to automatically landed or forced to drive low air to safety.

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