Big Country Heavy Equipment! 32 Equipment Teams Are Reviewed

The roaring motor sound was far and near, and 32 equipment teams came from the ground. 7 modules of land operations, maritime operations, air defense and anti-missile, information operations, unmanned operations, post-installation guarantees, and strategic strikes are compiled and reviewed in accordance with joint operations. Today’s equipment is all made in China, 40% for the first time.

The tank team is being read. 70 years ago, the tanks under the founding ceremony were “Wan Guo”. Today, the domestic main battle tanks have achieved the integration of firepower, machine power, information power and protection. Quick maneuver, assault and attack, and regional control, and show the majesty of the “king of the land war.”

The Dongfeng-17 conventional missile that is being read has the characteristics of all-weather, no support, strong penetration and so on, and can accurately strike the medium and short-range targets.

The bomber echelon whistled with a huge roar. 3 bombs – 6N, 6 bombs – 6K, divided into 3 3-machine wedge teams. The first debut of the bomb – 6N is a new domestic long-range strategic bomber, which can be used for aerial oil. The two types of bombers can carry out long-range strikes, large-area cruises, and out-of-zone strikes. The People’s Air Force’s strategic deterrence and strategic strike capabilities have been comprehensively improved.

The aircraft being read consisted of 5 teachings—10, 5 teachings—9 and 12 teachings—8. These aircraft mainly undertake pilot training tasks. The huge fleet passed, and seven beautiful ribbons were drawn, and sincere wishes were given to the 70th birthday of New China.

The Yun-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft was unveiled for the first time on the National Day parade ground. Underneath its head is a black ball-shaped device, which is a large-scale sea-searching radar that monitors the sea at 360 degrees without dead ends. The tail of the fuselage dragged a long tail, which is the iconic equipment of the fixed-wing anti-submarine patrol aircraft – a magnetic detector that can detect the submarine’s trail.

The final team of the equipment team was the Dongfeng-41 nuclear missile team. The Dongfeng-41 intercontinental strategic nuclear missile is an important support for China’s strategic nuclear forces.

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