Beidou System Completed A New Breakthrough One Year Ahead Of Schedule

The US GPS navigation system appeared earlier and the system was more mature. It has been 55 years since the launch of the first satellite. It is precisely because of this long period of time that the world once formed a small-scale monopoly. The United States achieved global networking in the last century, and satellite construction can be said to have reached its peak. The development of China at that time obviously could not keep up with the pace, and only listened to the command of the United States.

After continuous efforts, Beidou system finally completed the breakthrough. Not long ago, the 45th satellite was successfully launched. The follow-up work of the Beidou system is gradually improving, and it has entered the global era. We have also realized the global network in the United States. . China’s speed is still very fast. According to the estimated time, this time is also completed one year earlier.

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