Beidou Satellite Navigation System Begin The New Journey Of Precision Service

As China’s independent research and development of the global satellite navigation and positioning system, the development of Beidou satellite navigation system has always attracted much attention. It is not only the strategic guarantee of our country spatiotemporal security, but also the important pillar of natural economic development. In recent years, the country actively promote military and civil integration of Beidou satellite navigation system and “the belt and rode” deep fusion, Beidou is gradually being built the third national card after our country’s high-speed rail and nuclear power.

Schedule: the precision can reach centimeter level and after the millimeter in part field.

Since December 2012 for the Asia-Pacific region provide formal operational service, Beidou satellite navigation system continuously stable operation,service performance steady rise, the performance of key areas has been better than 8m. This year, the Beidou global system will start networking, the plan that is launching 6-8 satellites, and provide basic service on the “the belt and rode” along the country in 2018, and form global service ability in 2020.

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