Beidou Positioning System Will Enter Mass Consumer Market

Chinese beidou satellite navigation system will meet the outbreak period, is expected that will be the first to cover the”The Belt and Road ”countries in 2018, and provide base services in these countries. And to cover the world, what provide GPS navigation services for global users will need to wait 2020 or so.

Currently, civil user of Beidou system has already reached ten million level, in the market, the phone that support Beidou navigation system has just releases OPPO R11,Huawei Nova2 and so on a variety of mobile phone. It’s report that Beidou navigation system is more precision than GPS, the error can be reduced to 2cm.

In the civil aspect, we are familiar with and directly associated with life, in addition to the mobile phone, there are shared bicycles.

Beidou navigation referred to BDS, is global satellite positioning navigation system of Chinese self-developed.

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