BeiDou Engineering Launches Sprints Across The Global Network

At present, the entire BeiDou project has been resuming work in an orderly manner while doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, and launched a sprint to the BeiDou 3 global network to ensure the stable operation of the BeiDou system and the launch mission to advance on time.

This year is the closing year of Beidou Global Network. According to the plan, the last two Beidou-3 satellite launches will be organized in March and May, and the Beidou-3 global system will be fully completed. On February 14th, the Long March IIIB carrier rocket carrying out the launch mission arrived at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center as scheduled. Together with the satellites that had arrived earlier, they were intensively conducting various tests in the launch site area.

In addition, Beidou transportation control system and measurement and control system started on schedule and successfully completed various ground work.


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