Anti-unmanned Aerial Vehicles Or Stand On The Outlet: A Spear Will Have A Shield

With the spear, there is a demand for the shield. More and more unmanned aerial vehicles today, “bound unmanned aerial vehicles” or even “kill UAV” market demand is growing.

In the impression, the domestic consumption of unmanned aerial vehicles due to the outbreak of 2014 singer Wang Feng with a UAV carrying the drill ring to actor Zhang Ziyi marry him. The development of the UAV market has brought new problems to the regulation. The unmanned aerial vehicles in Chengdu and other places interfere with the normal takeoff and landing events. Unbounded unmanned aerial vehicles have posed a serious threat to aviation safety. And ultimately to tighten the regulatory system step by step.

Unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of entrepreneurs, most of their own machines look forward to lofty. The value of anti-UAV is the ability to accurately lock, forced landing, or even directly kill a black man is flying

Low-altitude security defense system, including low-altitude radar devices, opto electronic devices and video surveillance three major hardware facilities, in a specific protection area around the placement of directional interference system, the establishment of blocking the UAV near the electronic fence. Once the radar has detected unmanned aircraft to reach the protected area, the use of specific equipment to make it forced landing, or even shot down, protect the critical area within five kilometers from illegal unmanned aircraft damage.

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