Another New Domestically Produced Large Aircraft Goes Offline

In recent years, with the continuous development of China’s aerospace industry, domestic aircraft manufacturing technology has made great progress. On March 27, according to a domestic media report, AVIC Xifei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Industry Corporation First Aircraft Design and Research Institute and China Aircraft Strength Research Institute jointly signed the Xinzhou 700 aircraft in Xi’an, Yanliang, Shaanxi. The project’s first energy test aircraft handover agreement will lay a solid foundation for the final production of this large domestic aircraft.

With the gradual maturity of the Xinzhou series aircraft development technology in China, its industrial chain has also been continuously expanded. Against this background, the R & D of the Xinzhou 700 passenger aircraft has entered a rapid development lane. This is a purely domestic turbo regional aircraft developed by Xifei Group. It uses the most advanced PW150C engine, the Proline Fusion integrated avionics system in the avionics system, and the first to configure a telex control system in similar products, which has strong economic and environmental advantages. In addition, it should be pointed out that due to its strong adaptability to complex conditions such as plateaus, it can be used as a basis for developing military functions and creating dual-use channels for military and civilian use.

At present, the development of domestic passenger aircraft in China has reached a critical period. Through the long-term accumulation of technology and various tests, the effect of breaking cocoons and discs will be achieved. For example, with regard to the domestically-made C919 large aircraft, since the project was initiated in May 2008, it has entered the stage of forensic test flight after undergoing countless demonstrations, internal testing, and actual testing, laying the foundation for the final launch. However, at the same time as China ’s passenger aircraft continues to flourish, Boeing is still in the midst of difficult suffering. Due to factors such as accidents that occurred earlier, its market share has gradually decreased, and it has lost its former style. At this time, our passenger aircraft can seize this opportunity to further develop the market and occupy a favorable position.

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