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Navigation, not just GPS, Beidou, has come to you. Beidou chip is implanted into mobile phones, bracelets, student cards, elderly cards, etc.

In terminal equipment. Let you know your position all the time. Since the completion of the first generation Beidou satellite navigation system in 2000. Relevant applications are continuously developed, 6.17 million road operating vehicles, 35600 postal and express vehicles, 80000 buses in 36 central cities. Beidou’s terminal system is installed. Keep everything under control, electric power, gas and other industries also use the positioning function of “Beidou”. A monitoring system suitable for each is developed, for example, more than 20000 kilometers of gas pipelines in Beijing. Tens of thousands of surge stations and sluice shafts. All under Beidou’s positioning and monitoring. The background can accurately find out the problem pipelines and valves and monitor whether the gas can be used at any time. Reach you safely and smoothly, “Beidou” has also made achievements in the field of agriculture. According to the precise navigation and positioning function. The agricultural sector has developed an automated precision farming system. More than 9 provinces and regions have used the system on a large scale. It can speed up farming efficiency. Reduce land waste. It can increase production in the field of fishery.

China has more than 40000 fishing boats equipped with Beidou receivers. Fishermen can not only know the location and direction through satellites. Beidou’s short message communication function can also be used (texting via satellite). Report peace to your family nowadays. Beidou escorts tens of millions of fishermen. Contemporary “Mazu” belongs to it.

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