Aerospace Technology Applied to National Economy

Beijing, April 17 – on the afternoon of the 17th, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the construction progress of China’s space station. Hao Chun, director of China Manned Space Engineering Office, introduced that in the 30 years since the development of China’s manned space engineering, more than 4000 technical achievements have been widely used in various industries of the national economy. Taking space borne breeding as an example, it has produced direct economic benefits of more than 200 billion yuan.

Hao Chun said that the manned space project is a great cause of “being tall and grounded”. While developing itself, it can drive the upgrading of relevant industries and promote economic and social development, which is closely related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

First, it is reflected in promoting science and technology and development. Manned spaceflight is a scientific and technological activity with the most complex system, the most intensive science and technology and the most active innovation. With the continuous emergence of scientific and technological achievements, they will be directly applied to various fields related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. For example, relevant technologies such as combustion and heat transfer system control of aerospace liquid rocket engine can drive the upgrading of pulverized coal pressurized gasification industry, solve problems such as domestic waste treatment, and effectively improve the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, in the development of rockets, spacecraft, space stations and other aircraft, control, measurement, image processing, components and other related technologies can promote the upgrading of industrial intelligent control systems. The thermal protection technology of manned spacecraft has been transformed into civil thermal insulation materials. The wonderful winter Olympic Games just held in the near future, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, including athletes’ training equipment, have adopted a large number of aerospace technology achievements.

Second, it is reflected in the construction of service economy. Over the past 30 years since the development of China’s manned spaceflight project, preliminary statistics show that more than 4000 technological achievements have been widely used in various industries of the national economy, driving technological innovation, process innovation and industrial upgrading in raw materials, microelectronics, machinery manufacturing, communication, seed industry and so on. Taking the space borne breeding as an example, up to now, according to preliminary estimates, it has generated direct economic benefits of more than 200 billion yuan, which has not only promoted crop improvement, but also been widely used in food processing, strain preparation, biopharmaceutical and other aspects, resulting in outstanding economic benefits, but also contributed to food security and ecological environment construction.

Third, it is reflected in improving people’s lives. Like some conveniences we are used to, including daily necessities such as diapers, all come from the technological transformation of manned spaceflight. Now, more space technology achievements will be transformed in civil fields. For example, using space protein crystallization research can develop new drugs against osteoporosis and muscle atrophy; Manned spaceflight environmental control and life support technology, microgravity combustion mechanism research and new materials research can also be transformed in various fields to promote the improvement of people’s livelihood and people’s life, and bring more benefits into play.

“In the future, China’s space station will also carry out a large number of scientific experiments and new technology verification in space life science, space material science, microgravity fluid physics, aerospace technology and aerospace medicine. It is expected to make major achievements and breakthroughs in scientific exploration and applied research. At the same time, we believe that these technologies will be more transformed to serve social and economic development and the national economy and people’s livelihood.” Hao Chun said.

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