A New Breakthrough In Shale Oil Exploration And Production In Dagang Oilfield Has Led To The Formation Of A 100-million-ton Continental Shale Oil Reserve

Recently, reporter learned from China’s oil in dagang oilfield, by the end of the day, two horizontal well – GuanDong shale oil well 1701 h, 1702 h GuanDong, more than 260 days have been flowing nissan stability of crude oil in 20 to 30 cubic meters, has formed YiDunJi GuanDong area basis, marked the first to realize industrialization of continental oil shale oil in bohai bay basin development.

Dagang oilfield development and construction began in January 1964. It is the third oil and gas field independently developed by the People’s Republic of China after daqing and victory.

According to the prediction of the international energy agency, China is rich in shale oil resources, with recoverable resources of about 5 billion tons, ranking the third in the world after Russia and the United States, mainly distributed in bohai bay, songliao, ordos, junggar and other large sedimentary basins.

At the scene of the shale oil exploration and development, the Chinese oil company deputy general manager in dagang oilfield Zhou Lihong introduces, in recent years, dagang oilfield, through the idea innovation, break the conventional concept of oil exploration area, successfully positioning continental shale oil exploration and development main area, main successively in 3 Wells coring interval systems, to centimeter scale fine core description and the analysis of the tens of thousands of pieces of time, the innovation of continental shale oil enrichment of theoretical knowledge.

In view of the problem that shale oil itself has no natural capacity and can only be exploited after transformation, dagang oilfield has formed three domestic and foreign patent technologies such as identification of fine grained sedimentary rocks and 16 supporting technologies, which have supported shale oil exploration and development.

After more than three years of practice, the two horizontal shale oil Wells of guandong 1701H and guandong 1702H have been producing steadily for a long time of more than 260 days with a cumulative output of 10,000 cubic meters.An underground treasure of considerable scale and great potential is revealed to the world.

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