122 Rockets Also Reached A Range Of 50 Kilometers

40 122mm large-calibre rockets can form a large area of fire damage zone in the target area in a very short time, giving the enemy a devastating blow to ground targets such as force, light armored vehicles, artillery and tactical missiles. If multiple rocket launchers are used together, a larger area of fire damage zone can be formed. A firearm with a general firing of 6 guns and a battalion of 18 fires, which can cover 124 hectares of one shot.

The new equipment is currently equipped with 11-type modular rockets, and the range of 122mm rockets has increased to an astonishing 50 kilometers! It is important to know that the US military’s 270-mm large rockets have a range of 60 kilometers. The modular rocket launcher has no trouble loading on site before launching, and it has been integrated from the factory.

If you aim at the battlefield, you can launch it. And with a precision-guided mode, 20 to 40 rockets can be scored in the size of a football field, if necessary! Now the Beidou-guided 750mm rocket, the target of hitting a target of 500km is no more than 5cm. Only the original country of the rocket can make such a weapon so fascinating.

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