075 Has Finished Painting, It Will Be Launched As Soon As Next Week

Recently, the 075 amphibious assault ship quickly seized the headlines of major military media, and even overshadowed the 055-ton-class drive. Only after turning around, the 055-ton-class mega-drive was about to become a net red. Some netizens ridiculed: In the past, the 055 big drive “sweet sweet”, nowadays, is called “Mrs. Cow”! It is estimated that the whole world can’t think of it. The rumored 075 is not coming out, but it is so amazing!

The 075-type amphibious assault ship has just been exposed, and it has only been less than half a month since the painting was completed. China’s speed has once again refreshed the world’s perception. The series of movements, the installation of the island, the brushing of the primer, etc., this series of movements, like a streamline, is rapidly advanced in an extremely fast pace. According to the latest network picture, the 075 amphibious assault ship has been painted with navy ash, and the top radar is about to be installed.

The next step is to dismantle the scaffolding for construction and finish the overall project. If everything is ok, then the next round of the 075-type amphibious assault ship will be officially launched next week. The Shanghai Hudong Shipyard, located on the banks of the Huangpu River, continues to create a miracle of China’s speed. Basically, it can be presumed that before the National Day, the 075-type amphibious assault ship was able to complete the launching, and it was able to offer a heavy gift for the arrival of the 70th anniversary of the motherland!

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