Wireless Drilling Gyro Inclinometer

The gyro inclinometer was used in directional drilling in the 1990s because it can sense the earth’s rotation speed and is free from magnetic interference. It accurately measures well inclination, azimuth, and magnetic gravity in a strong magnetic environment and oil casing or drill pipe. Rapid promotion and application

The Wireless Drilling Gyro Inclinometer is a new type of measuring instrument that has been successfully applied in the Pythogen Basin in northwestern Colorado and offshore platforms near Sakhalin, Russia. The function is the same as that of the wired gyro inclinometer, except that the measurement data is transmitted to the ground in a different way than the data. At present, there are two kinds of data transmission methods for the wireless glancing inclinometer, one is mud pulse transmission, and the other is electromagnetic signal transmission.

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Wired Gyro Inclinometer