Where Is The MEMS Accelerometer Used?

MEMS accelerometers can help your robot understand the environment in which it is now. Is climbing? Still going downhill, have you fallen? Or for a flying robot, it is also crucial to control the attitude.

At present, the latest IBM Thinkpad laptop has built-in MEMS accelerometer, which can dynamically monitor the vibration of the notebook in use, and according to the vibration data, the system will intelligently choose to turn off the hard disk or let it continue to run, so that the maximum extent Protect the data inside due to vibrations, such as bumpy working conditions, or damage to the hard drive caused by accidentally falling off the computer. This technology is currently used on some advanced mobile hard drives.

Another use is in MEMS accelerometers to detect the vibration of the hand during shooting and to automatically adjust the focus of the camera based on these vibrations.

MEMS accelerometers can also be used to analyze engine vibration. The activation of the car anti-collision airbag can also be controlled by a MEMS accelerometer.

This shows that MEMS accelerometers can play an important role in our lives. The main applications are summarized as follows: vibration detection, attitude control, security alarm, consumer application, motion recognition, status recording, etc.

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