Where is the High-end Attitude Reference System (AHRS)?

The core business of Genna Micro Technology is micro-inertial indoor positioning, based on low-cost general-purpose MEMS devices, through carrier motion pattern learning, filtering algorithm design, hardware and structural design, etc., achieving high precision independent of satellites and external base stations. Indoor self-positioning. In the case of pure inertia/no external assistance, Gna Micro’s micro-inertial product positioning accuracy is better than 0.3% (walking 1 km error is less than 3 meters), which is the highest performance index disclosed in the industry. Based on the rapid increase in the demand for AHRS in the market, such as drones, unmanned vehicles, AGVs, service robots, security robots, and wheeled vehicles, the team has accumulated the SurPass series of attitude and reference system products after years of accumulation, meaning “continuously surpassing”. . The product is a combination of fully sized MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. The tight seal design and structural process ensure that the product can be accurately measured in harsh environments. Through various compensations such as nonlinear compensation, quadrature compensation, temperature compensation and drift compensation, the error source can be greatly eliminated and the product precision level can be improved. At the same time, intelligently identify and filter out external magnetic field interference, and use adaptive filtering algorithm to estimate the attitude parameters and heading angle of static or moving objects, and calculate the high-precision roll angle, pitch angle and heading angle in real time.

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