Where Can Gyroscopes Be Used?

The gyroscope has an important role in life and military fields. It can be seen from a mobile phone to a satellite.

Aircraft attitude control is an important application of gyroscopic characteristics and a reflection of axis orientation. The vertical gyroscope establishes a vertical reference for the aircraft. The reason is very simple. During the flight of the aircraft, no matter how the attitude changes, the vertical gyroscope always points in the vertical direction and thus provides information about the attitude angle. Of course, due to the drift and environmental changes of the gyro itself, the correction device needs to be calibrated and corrected at any time.

Similarly, the horizontal gyroscope indicates the horizontal direction and provides information for the aircraft’s heading angle correction.

A gyro compass is a device that relies on a gyroscope to indicate true north. It uses the combined effect of the earth’s rotation angular velocity and gravitational torque to enable the rotation axis to automatically find true north without relying on the geomagnetic field. Now there has been considerable progress and development. It can be seen that the application range of gyroscopic instruments is quite extensive, and it occupies an important position in the modernization of national defense construction and national economic construction.

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