What Is The Orientation Of A Gyroscope?


When the gyro rotor rotates at high speed, the direction of the rotation axis of the gyro in the inertial space remains stable when there is no external torque acting on the gyro, that is, it points to a fixed direction; at the same time, it resists any changes in the rotor axial the power of. This physical phenomenon is called the gyroscope’s axiality or stability. Its stability changes with the following physical quantities:

1. The larger the rotor’s inertia, the better the stability;

2. The greater the rotor angular velocity, the better the stability.

The so-called “rotational inertia” is a physical quantity describing the magnitude of inertia of a rigid body in rotation. When two different rigid bodies rotating around a fixed axis are acted on with the same moment, the angular velocities obtained by them are generally different. The angular velocities obtained by rigid bodies with large moments of inertia are small, that is, the inertia that maintains the original state of rotation. On the contrary, the angular velocity obtained by a rigid body with a small rotational inertia is large, that is, the inertia that maintains the original rotational state is small.

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