What is the Logging While Drilling

In the course of exploration and development of oil and gas field with drilling well logging, well logging must be carried out after drilling in order to understand the oil and gas situation in the formation. However, access to logging data in drilling is completed, with the instrument in the measurement of cable wells, however, in some cases, such as wells more than 65 degrees of inclination deviated well or horizontal well, cable is difficult to instrument down; in addition, the wall collapsed or bad situation is also difficult to jam get well logging data.

In the course of drilling, drilling fluid should be circulated with drilling debris, and the filtrate of drilling fluid must be intruded into the formation. Therefore, after drilling, the various parameters of the formation are different from that of the rigid drilling. So people are thinking that if we put the logging tool on the drill bit and drill the drill eye, we can get all kinds of data in the formation while drilling. That’s LWD.

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