What Is The Difference Between A North finder And A Compass?

A compass is a simple instrument used to determine bearing. Also known as the compass. Compass’s predecessor was Sinan, one of the four great inventions of ancient China. The main component is a magnetic needle that can be freely rotated on the shaft. The magnetic needle can be kept in the tangential direction of the magnetic meridian under the action of the geomagnetic field. The north pole of the magnetic needle points to the geographic north pole, which can be used to distinguish the direction. Commonly used in navigation, geodesy, travel and military.

North finder is a high-precision gyroscope that automatically determines the true north direction value of the attached carrier by measuring the earth’s rotation angular velocity, and is not affected by external magnetic fields or other environments. In addition, it can also measure and correct the horizontal angle in combination with acceleration. The gyro north seeker is mainly used in: radar, antenna, military vehicles, initial alignment and direction control.

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