What Is A Gyrocompass?

Gyrocompass is an inertial device which is independent of external information such as sound, light, electricity and magnetism to search for true north and establish a stable true north potential reference on the moving object so as to accurately determine the movement direction of the moving object.Gyrocompass makes use of the comprehensive effect of earth rotation angular velocity and gravity field to make the rotation axis of two-degree-of-freedom gyroscope automatically find true north. It is an important navigation equipment widely used in navigation, which can not only provide accurate and reliable course reference for ship navigation, but also provide azimuth reference for artillery, torpedo and missile.

For a long time, magnetic compass has been widely used in all kinds of ships as a pointing instrument for determining ships’ azimuth.However, with the development of navigation industry and shipbuilding technology, steel ships replaced wooden ships, especially the appearance of large and medium-sized ships and submarines. The reliability and accuracy of magnetic compass were far from meeting the requirements, which prompted people to seek for new pointing instruments. Soon gyrocompass came into being.

Gyrocompass, as a navigation instrument that can accurately find true north, has been widely used in ships, and has become the main instrument of maritime navigation, and is regarded as the forerunner of modern inertial navigation.`

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