What Is A Gyro Compass?

A gyrocompass uses the characteristics of a gyro and a pendulum to find and indicate a true northbound meter. It does not rely on the geomagnetic field, is not affected by the regional magnetic field and the carrier interference magnetic field, and can be widely used in navigation, aviation, aerospace and ground carriers.

North-seeking gyroscope for navigation and flying objects as direction reference, also known as electric compass, rotary compass. Its main body is a three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope. The outer ring axis is vertical. The rotor axis is horizontally placed in the meridian plane. . When the northern end of the rotor shaft is raised by a small angle, the gravitational force of the small hammer produces a westward correcting moment, causing the northern end of the rotor shaft to rotate westward, thereby compensating for the rotation of the meridian. In the case of disturbance, the northern end of the rotor shaft will perform an elliptical movement around its equilibrium position, and it must be damped to attenuate it.

There is also a gyro magnetic compass stabilized by a gyroscope, which is essentially a heading instrument that uses magnetic needles for automatic correction. Another type of three-degree-of-freedom gyro half compass with both azimuth correction and level correction is used in the autopilot as a heading sensor.

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