What is a Clinometer

It is divided into portable inclinometer and fixed inclinometer, portable inclinometer is divided into portable vertical inclinometer and portable horizontal inclinometer, fixed inclinometer is divided into uniaxial and biaxial inclinometer, the most widely used is portable inclinometer.

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The inclined pipe is usually installed in the vertical borehole through the unstable soil layer to the lower stable formation.Use digital vertical movement inclinometer probe, control cable, pulley device and readout device to observe the deformation of the inclinometer pipe.The initial section for measuring the displacement of the inclined pipe can be established by the first observation.Subsequent observations will show changes in section displacement as the local surface moves.During the observation, the probe moves from the bottom of the inclined pipe to the top, pauses at a half-meter interval and conducts the tilt measurement.The inclination of the probe is measured by two servo accelerometers balanced by forces.An accelerometer measures the longitudinal position of the groove of the inclined tube, that is, the inclination of the plane in which the wheel is located on the probe of the inclinometer.The other accelerometer measures the inclination perpendicular to the wheel plane.The inclination can be converted into lateral displacement.By comparing the current and initial observation data, the variation of lateral migration can be determined and the movement displacement of strata can be shown.A high resolution displacement profile can be obtained by plotting the displacement variation.This section helps determine the magnitude, depth, direction, and speed of the ground motion displacement

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