What Are The Requirements For The Gyro In The Gyro Inclinometer?

In the case of opening a sunroof in a casing well and retesting an old well, it is usually necessary to use the gyro inclinometer to measure the azimuth of the wellbore; in areas with abnormal magnetic fields and well sections, due to the large error of the measured value of the fluxgate, the gyro survey is also required. The inclinometer performs azimuth measurements. In addition, the gyro inclinometer also has its unique role in certain specific environments, such as during the high incidence of solar magnetic storms, or where a third instrument is required for verification.

The azimuth measurement sensor in the gyro inclinometer is the gyro. The gyro used in oil well measurement is developed from the gyro transplantation in the aircraft. Most of the current gyro inclinometer manufacturers are professional manufacturers of space navigation equipment. The gyroscope not only has a precise structure, high process requirements, and complicated testing.It is more important to perform a highly specialized and complex solution to the matrix equation of the gyroscope output signal.At the same time, it must generate interference force distance, temperature drift, and shock vibration. Compensation for drift, multi-level correction of its principle error, etc. This is also almost impossible for non-professional factories in a short period of time.

Compared with the gyroscope for aircraft, the logging gyroscope has the following characteristics affected by its use environment. First, the volume requirements are strict, especially the diameter is small. It is required to adapt to the diameter of the casing well after the formation of the instrument, and it can even be input from the drill pipe when the sunroof is opened. Second, the vibration resistance is strong. It will not damage the gyro body; it also has a wide temperature requirement, that is, the instrument can work normally in the environment of 125 ° for at least 2 hours and the overall accuracy of the instrument meets the design requirements within the range of ambient temperature -10-125 °.

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